Same Day Delivery & Courier Service

In our 45 years as a courier express company we’ve learned a thing or two about the industry. Read our blog for practiced guidance on all things courier, warehousing, supply chain, and more.

Very Fast


Very Reliable


Very Economical

At Econo-Courier we built our business and our reputation by always providing reliable, economical same-day delivery of small packages, envelopes and assorted other items. Our customers know that we’ll get their time-sensitive delivery to its destination, door to door, without delay.

We implement the latest technologies such as GPS tracking and wireless services to ensure your courier deliveries are on time and that we always know where your package is. Our dispatch and expediting services are among the best in the industry and our drivers use our mobile app that saves you money thanks to more efficient routing.

Econo-Courier’s vehicles are frequently seen at hospitals, medical facilities and life sciences companies; manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors; local retailers and major department stores; technology companies; professional services firms; printers, ad agencies, and creative services vendors; and third-party logistics providers.

Examples of what our drivers pick and deliver include:

  • Company/corporate documents between company and client or as inter-office/inter-location courier service
  • Medical reports
  • Medical devices, equipment and supplies to hospitals, labs, medical centers, physician’s offices
  • Pharmaceutical supplies and equipment
  • Surgical equipment and supplies
  • Catalogs, signs, magazines and other printed materials between printing plants and distribution sites, and between printers and their vendors
  • Machine parts, electrical supplies
  • Construction Supplies
  • Wood/Tile Flooring

We offer same-day rush and direct deliveries throughout the North East. This includes deliveries to lower New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island) Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC, New York City metro and New York State, and throughout New Jersey.

For same-day courier service throughout the mid-Atlantic states, Econo-Courier has your delivery needs covered.